New Lathe

Some time ago I listed the different lathes that are available in the range of 250×500. Well, have just bought a Warco WM 240B – B denoting the belt drive version.

I’ve started a review of the lathe, but early days as yet so you may have to wait a while to get all of the details.

Warco WM240B Review

The lathe arrived just yesterday and took 2 of us to partly dismantle and then carry it through the house to my workshop. I removed the grease from the surfaces and chucks etc and then with some work today I now have the lathe bolted down with 3 off 12mm bolts.

The only thing that surprised me is that the lathe does not come with a drill chuck for the tailstock! It comes with fixed and travelling steadies, but no drill chuck….

My other lathe (Hobbymat MD65) is MT1 at the tailstock and my milling machine is MT3 and this Warco WM240B is MT2 so no luck with what I have already.

This is how the lathe is listed and I should have picked up on this, but somehow missed it. Luckily RDG tools sent me a discount card and so have ordered a couple of arbors and chucks today.