T-Slot Clamp


T-slot clamp from a jig boring machine that was for sale on G and M Tools

I saw this novel clamp arrangement on a jig boring machine that was for sale on gandmtools.co.uk and made me wonder whether I could make similar long t-nuts for use with my new rotary table – would help with the issue of not being able to use the full table diameter.

My only small concern is that reacting the clamping forces on the t-nut that sticks out from the table may bend the t-nut over time – worth a try as this could be easily corrected. Also, the t-nuts in this imag show that they are the full depth of the slot.

Interesting alternatives:

  • John5293 – has made sliding nuts that can be fixed and then horizontal bolts used to clamp parts – a pseudo 4-jaw chuck
  • cnccookbook.com – some interesting images and ides for clamping and making fixtures for rotary tables
  • glue-it.com – our page shows some ways to make fixtures and some short cuts that you should not use
Warco HV4 Rotary Table

Warco HV4 Rotary Table

An update as I have now made long T-nuts for a rotary table that I have just bought, image below is from the article discussing them: glue-it.com – tool reviews and make articles

Warco HV4 rotary table with long T-nut that allows larger diameter pieces to be clamped. The 4″ HV4 has an actual table diameter of 110mm. The clamp shown is from a Unimat 3 mill clamping set.