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Large Cotton Reel Pot

A cotton reel pot made from Purple Heart for the main body with Cherry top and bottom.

Cotton Reel made from purple heart and cherryThe overall height is 73mm and the maximum diameter is 63mm. The main body was made by first constructing a hexagonal cross-section with 10mm thick planks of Purple Heart that was machined with a 30° angle on each mating edge. I glued this all together using Titebond Original I fitted 6mm think MDF end plugs to hold the cylinder together whilst I turned the outer and inner surfaces in the lathe. With the top removed you can see the individual planks used to make the cylinder. I machined the outer surface first and then I bored the inner surface. However, the cylinder wall started to look fragile and so I decided to not remove any more material and so you can still see the grooves where the planks meet.

The nick in the bottom for the thread to locate is rather over emphasised, but have to come clean and admit that I had a rather scary moment whilst boring the centre of the cylinder when the whole thing spun out of the chuck. This damaged the edge and rather than make another I thought I could lose this by cutting the nick in it to locate the thread.

As yet the Purple Heart has not changed to the deep purple colouring as this takes a few days to mature. The labels were made by Beatrice using Powerpoint and I think the hole through the centre roughly stabbed through adds to the effect.

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