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Ruby and Carmel

topsy turvy3

My granny used to knit and crochet all the time and at some point she knitted two topsy turvy dolls. One for me and the other to sit on her sofa. I re-found one of them the other day and she was in quite a state with loose threads and matted hair. Then I had a brainwave. I decided to make my own topsy turvy doll but rather than knitting it (beacause that is not a skill I posess) I decide to hand sew one. My creation resulted in Ruby and Carmel!

They are approximately 18cm high. Ruby is the brunette. Carmel is the blonde. Carmel is wearing a Liberty print top with a blue cotton skirt and a gold cumberband. Ruby is also wearing a Liberty Top with Black net details. She is also wearing a cotton skirt but hers is black with a net overlay. I don’t know why but Ruby reminds me of Kate Winslet in Tiatanic. Don’t ask why I’m not sure myself! Their hair is made from wool which I applied in the traditional method sewing onto a bias strip. I embroidered their faces.

I was really chuffed with the final result. Theses are some of the most adorable toys I think I have made to date but I’m really annoyed because I never made a pattern!


I think I am gong to make another pair but this time with a steampunk theme.

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Quilting Mania

I have never been that interested in all those little squares and hexagons in fact I thought that they looked rather dull and tedious.

However we have found a solution to all those dull fabric shapes……..

We found this fabric (the brown backing fabric) at the Ragmarket in Birmingham. They were selling it for £1 a metre and we believe the fabric was originally produced to create the barber/hunting jackets which some people are really keen on.

The fabric naturally had a criss-cross patern on it.

I sewed the metre of fabric to a metre remnant – right sides together. I turned it the right way around and stitched up the gap. I then top-stitched a hem. And looking at the brown side I stitched along every other diagnol creating a larger criss-cross pattern.

This quilt is really easy to make and with just a metre of both fabrics you can create a small quilt which is the perfect size for the bottom half of a single bed.

Only thing I would say is that the brown fabric I used was quite slippery and has a tendency to slide off the duvet.



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