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Quilting Mania

I have never been that interested in all those little squares and hexagons in fact I thought that they looked rather dull and tedious.

However we have found a solution to all those dull fabric shapes……..

We found this fabric (the brown backing fabric) at the Ragmarket in Birmingham. They were selling it for £1 a metre and we believe the fabric was originally produced to create the barber/hunting jackets which some people are really keen on.

The fabric naturally had a criss-cross patern on it.

I sewed the metre of fabric to a metre remnant – right sides together. I turned it the right way around and stitched up the gap. I then top-stitched a hem. And looking at the brown side I stitched along every other diagnol creating a larger criss-cross pattern.

This quilt is really easy to make and with just a metre of both fabrics you can create a small quilt which is the perfect size for the bottom half of a single bed.

Only thing I would say is that the brown fabric I used was quite slippery and has a tendency to slide off the duvet.



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