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I would like you all to meet my good friend…….drumroll please………………………………….PERSEPHONE!

Ok, I will admit it to you. Persephone is made of polystyrene. I bought the basic polystyrene shape at a carboot then I papermachied her, creating ‘molded’ hair at the same time. Then I painted her with acrylics so that she has a sort of 40s glamour look. I was aiming for the look of the charachters on the Benefit make-up packaging. To add the final touches I bought a cheap set of fake eyelashes and glued them on.

Persephone is brilliant, to start with she listens to all my complaints without interupting and she loves to model all my different hats. Sometimes she will even wear the odd necklace!

If I make another head I think I might varnish it all over to give it a glossy look!



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Jewellers Tools

There is a lot of similarity between the tools used by a jeweller and those used by the model maker. Especially the model maker who works at the smaller scale. So to that end I picked out this website:

Some of the tools can be a tad on the more expensive side, but the quality is great and there is nothing better than high quality tools to work with.

Maybe something for the Christmas present list??

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