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Gingerbread House

Hi everyone reading this. This I suppose is less craft and more cooking!

This is the gingerbread house I made. It is made from my special gingerbread recipe and then iced so that it looks like the gingerbread houses and sweet treats you can buy at German Christmas fairs. Icing the house is quite hard especially because I added some powdered egg whites to the icing so that it set hard because normal white icing never goes completely solid.

I made some mess when decorating it with the icing, such as on one wall I tried to draw a planter filled with flowers. But it just ended up as a great big blob of icing, oops.

I hope it acheives the effect I was aiming for that was that it would look like a cold,wintery snow scene.

The wierdest thing is the people are giant sized in comparison to the house.

I think next time I should probably practice the icing first!



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