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Ruby and Carmel

topsy turvy3

My granny used to knit and crochet all the time and at some point she knitted two topsy turvy dolls. One for me and the other to sit on her sofa. I re-found one of them the other day and she was in quite a state with loose threads and matted hair. Then I had a brainwave. I decided to make my own topsy turvy doll but rather than knitting it (beacause that is not a skill I posess) I decide to hand sew one. My creation resulted in Ruby and Carmel!

They are approximately 18cm high. Ruby is the brunette. Carmel is the blonde. Carmel is wearing a Liberty print top with a blue cotton skirt and a gold cumberband. Ruby is also wearing a Liberty Top with Black net details. She is also wearing a cotton skirt but hers is black with a net overlay. I don’t know why but Ruby reminds me of Kate Winslet in Tiatanic. Don’t ask why I’m not sure myself! Their hair is made from wool which I applied in the traditional method sewing onto a bias strip. I embroidered their faces.

I was really chuffed with the final result. Theses are some of the most adorable toys I think I have made to date but I’m really annoyed because I never made a pattern!


I think I am gong to make another pair but this time with a steampunk theme.

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Windmill Flower

A simple flower made from pine with a bolt through the middle. The bolt rotates in a brass tube that is fixed to a pine upright.

Windmill Flower


The petals were cut from a piece of 45mm x 45mm pine with a bandsaw. I simply cut thin curved pieces of wood, then stacked them up, drew a petal shape on the top piece and again cut this out using the bandsaw.

The petals were sanded and where they were going to fit to the flower they were all sanded at a slight angle. The petals were all arranged around a 12mm thick circular piece of pine and glued in place and then sandwiched with another disc of pine on top that had been sanded into a dome shape. A 6mm coach bolt was placed through the centre.

I found a piece of brass tube that fitted the bolt perfectly and would allow it to rotate. The upright “stem” was drilled to take the brass tube and the tube was glued into the stem with superglue.

The leaves were cut from pine in much the same way as the petals. All in this took me around 2 hours to make.

The angle on the petals turns the flower into a windmill that will rotate in a wind – just a little touch.

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Shiny Fabric Flowers


This is a craft I literally ‘stumbled upon’ the other day.

This is the website for it:

What the idea is that you can hold the fabric above a tealight and it will curl up into a petal shape. I couldn’t believe it and the images looked so pretty that I gave it a go myself.

I must admit that at first I made the mistake of using real silk. When I did so it started to smoke. I then re-read the instructions (thats never really been my bag) and realised I was meant to use what they describe as synthetic silky fabric.

This worked wonders and I saw the effects imediatley.

This is my finished product.


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As a Christmas present I got some water dissolvable fabric for hand and machine embroidery. So that very afternoon I sat down and had a go and now I am addicted I¬†haven’t¬†stopped making cotton flowers!

The flowers are made by using a free arm to stitch (running stitch)back and forth across a picture or design. I created them on our Bernina Activa 240. Then you cut out the flowers and dissolve the fabric in water!!!

This craft has quick results and you can do it easily on a wooden frame, used upside down.

A disadvantage is that this craft sucks up cotton like its going out of fashion. I have started using cheap reels of cotton from the¬†rag market¬†in¬†Birmingham¬†where they cost about a quarter of the price. I¬†wouldn’t¬†recommend using¬†really¬†expensive cotton because its not worth it.

Next I am going to try and make some¬†butterfly’s¬†or maybe zoo animals, such as giraffes, penguins or elephants.

And knowing my obsession  maybe I should make some of them into badges/brooches?



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