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A Dandy Rabbit

I spent this afternoon making this gorgeous Dandy Rabbit.

The pattern for him is from the craft book: Everything Alice. I have made loads of crafts from this book now and the Rabbit has to be my favourite. The book is so beautifully presented, and it has easy, simple instructions. The only thing I would say against it is the patterns in the back don’t appear to be that accurate.

My bunny is wearing a red wool suit lined with liberty fabric and a contrasting cravat. I am pondering whether to give him a monocle, and what his name should be.

Please suggest some names, so far people have suggested Hugo, Quentin and Ronald, What do you think?



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Embroidery Costume

Hello reader,

sorry I haven’t uploaded a post recently I have been crafting non-stop!

Here is one of the many things I have made over the last month and a bit.

It is an embroidered costume. It is based on the sort of outfits I could imagine one of Henry the 8ths wives would have worn.


The beige part of the dress is made from cotton, the ‘tummy bit’ is made from red velvet. The arms and the inserts in the skirt are burgundy cotton and the gold  is this sort of stretchy-man-made fabric.


I was wondering whether to add some embroidered patterns to the burgundy panels in the skirt and also whether to make a kind of ruff round the neck. Or possibly some beadwork on the dress. What do you think, please leave some suggestions in the comments!


See you again soon,

Bea 🙂

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