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How often when model making do you find yourself breathing in dust?

“it won’t be much, no time to bother with a mask”

How often do you find yourself with a sore throat as a result of this?

We all do this and in the long run will pay the consequences. If you are doing lots of woodwork with machines then it really is important to get a dust extractor connected up to it. Personally I would say buy the dust extractor before buying the machine. A good basic machine is the Record Power DX1000.

If you are doing the odd bit of filing or sanding then a good quality face mask will work wonders – even with proper dust extraction it is still important to wear a mask when you are doing lots of machining.

Another great piece of equipment is the dust filtration unit, a range of sizes are available to suit different sized workshops and they will work by filtering the air. A small unit that I have just come across is the Microclene MC100 – absolutely perfect for the garden shed based workshop or if you are working at a table indoors. If you are indoors then this is one way of keeping the dust down and the complaints.

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