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A Dandy Rabbit

I spent this afternoon making this gorgeous Dandy Rabbit.

The pattern for him is from the craft book: Everything Alice. I have made loads of crafts from this book now and the Rabbit has to be my favourite. The book is so beautifully presented, and it has easy, simple instructions. The only thing I would say against it is the patterns in the back don’t appear to be that accurate.

My bunny is wearing a red wool suit lined with liberty fabric and a contrasting cravat. I am pondering whether to give him a monocle, and what his name should be.

Please suggest some names, so far people have suggested Hugo, Quentin and Ronald, What do you think?



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As a Christmas present I got some water dissolvable fabric for hand and machine embroidery. So that very afternoon I sat down and had a go and now I am addicted I¬†haven’t¬†stopped making cotton flowers!

The flowers are made by using a free arm to stitch (running stitch)back and forth across a picture or design. I created them on our Bernina Activa 240. Then you cut out the flowers and dissolve the fabric in water!!!

This craft has quick results and you can do it easily on a wooden frame, used upside down.

A disadvantage is that this craft sucks up cotton like its going out of fashion. I have started using cheap reels of cotton from the¬†rag market¬†in¬†Birmingham¬†where they cost about a quarter of the price. I¬†wouldn’t¬†recommend using¬†really¬†expensive cotton because its not worth it.

Next I am going to try and make some¬†butterfly’s¬†or maybe zoo animals, such as giraffes, penguins or elephants.

And knowing my obsession  maybe I should make some of them into badges/brooches?



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