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Re-Vamped Glass Bowl

Hello everyone,

here is a glass bowl I re-vamped today.

I keep finding  projects like this online and in craft books. They always say  to use sticky back felt or tissue paper to attach the image to the glass, BUT I used spray-mount and I feel I should tell you that it works really well.


I found this little glass bowl in a charity shop today, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a while for a piece of completley clear glass with no naff paterns or textures. I gave the glass bowl a good rinse and it came out sparkling. I found the image of the flapper online. I printed it out and cut it out carefully with a scalpel/stanley knife. I drew round the image in fineliner so that it didn’t have the pizellated effect that images often have. Now for the fun bit I sprayed it with spray mount (very sticky fingers)

What I was pleased about is that it doesnt created a misty effect between the glass and the paper like I thought it might. Also it’s a really quick and easy craft.

Seeing how successfull it was next time I think I will draw my own picture to place behind the glass.

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