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Shiny Fabric Flowers


This is a craft I literally ‘stumbled upon’ the other day.

This is the website for it:

What the idea is that you can hold the fabric above a tealight and it will curl up into a petal shape. I couldn’t believe it and the images looked so pretty that I gave it a go myself.

I must admit that at first I made the mistake of using real silk. When I did so it started to smoke. I then re-read the instructions (thats never really been my bag) and realised I was meant to use what they describe as synthetic silky fabric.

This worked wonders and I saw the effects imediatley.

This is my finished product.


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As a Christmas present I got some water dissolvable fabric for hand and machine embroidery. So that very afternoon I sat down and had a go and now I am addicted I¬†haven’t¬†stopped making cotton flowers!

The flowers are made by using a free arm to stitch (running stitch)back and forth across a picture or design. I created them on our Bernina Activa 240. Then you cut out the flowers and dissolve the fabric in water!!!

This craft has quick results and you can do it easily on a wooden frame, used upside down.

A disadvantage is that this craft sucks up cotton like its going out of fashion. I have started using cheap reels of cotton from the¬†rag market¬†in¬†Birmingham¬†where they cost about a quarter of the price. I¬†wouldn’t¬†recommend using¬†really¬†expensive cotton because its not worth it.

Next I am going to try and make some¬†butterfly’s¬†or maybe zoo animals, such as giraffes, penguins or elephants.

And knowing my obsession  maybe I should make some of them into badges/brooches?



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My first Craft Post

Hi this is Beas craft blog for glue-it. I will be adding regular updates on craft activities and ideas. At the moment I’m really into collecting vintage badges and brooches and making them myself. This is a photo of one of my favourites……….

This is one I made myself. It has a half cross-stitch lime green main colour and then it is surrounded by gold thread. I think the colours really set each other off.

This is another brooch I made. This one is meant to look like a anime style bunny rabbit. It is made of brown wool with an embroidered face. It has a small pink bow tie and 2 absolutely tiny tassels. They were a nightmare to make……..


I’m thinking of making my next brooch in a steampunk style. Maybe a silhouette or a series of cogs.

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