Just had to write a quick post about John Bentley’s website as I have spent over an hour today browsing through the different models – they are just stunning and inspirational.

I included an image here from the front page of the website – wow….

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Just a quick note….

I have been interested for a while in soap making ever since my friend invited me round to her house to make some. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any websites, also is anyone awhare as to whether the soap bases are vegetarian?


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How often when model making do you find yourself breathing in dust?

“it won’t be much, no time to bother with a mask”

How often do you find yourself with a sore throat as a result of this?

We all do this and in the long run will pay the consequences. If you are doing lots of woodwork with machines then it really is important to get a dust extractor connected up to it. Personally I would say buy the dust extractor before buying the machine. A good basic machine is the Record Power DX1000.

If you are doing the odd bit of filing or sanding then a good quality face mask will work wonders – even with proper dust extraction it is still important to wear a mask when you are doing lots of machining.

Another great piece of equipment is the dust filtration unit, a range of sizes are available to suit different sized workshops and they will work by filtering the air. A small unit that I have just come across is the Microclene MC100 – absolutely perfect for the garden shed based workshop or if you are working at a table indoors. If you are indoors then this is one way of keeping the dust down and the complaints.

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A Dandy Rabbit

I spent this afternoon making this gorgeous Dandy Rabbit.

The pattern for him is from the craft book: Everything Alice. I have made loads of crafts from this book now and the Rabbit has to be my favourite. The book is so beautifully presented, and it has easy, simple instructions. The only thing I would say against it is the patterns in the back don’t appear to be that accurate.

My bunny is wearing a red wool suit lined with liberty fabric and a contrasting cravat. I am pondering whether to give him a monocle, and what his name should be.

Please suggest some names, so far people have suggested Hugo, Quentin and Ronald, What do you think?



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New Lathe

Some time ago I listed the different lathes that are available in the range of 250×500. Well, have just bought a Warco WM 240B – B denoting the belt drive version.

I’ve started a review of the lathe, but early days as yet so you may have to wait a while to get all of the details.

Warco WM240B Review

The lathe arrived just yesterday and took 2 of us to partly dismantle and then carry it through the house to my workshop. I removed the grease from the surfaces and chucks etc and then with some work today I now have the lathe bolted down with 3 off 12mm bolts.

The only thing that surprised me is that the lathe does not come with a drill chuck for the tailstock! It comes with fixed and travelling steadies, but no drill chuck….

My other lathe (Hobbymat MD65) is MT1 at the tailstock and my milling machine is MT3 and this Warco WM240B is MT2 so no luck with what I have already.

This is how the lathe is listed and I should have picked up on this, but somehow missed it. Luckily RDG tools sent me a discount card and so have ordered a couple of arbors and chucks today.


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Embroidery Costume

Hello reader,

sorry I haven’t uploaded a post recently I have been crafting non-stop!

Here is one of the many things I have made over the last month and a bit.

It is an embroidered costume. It is based on the sort of outfits I could imagine one of Henry the 8ths wives would have worn.


The beige part of the dress is made from cotton, the ‘tummy bit’ is made from red velvet. The arms and the inserts in the skirt are burgundy cotton and the gold  is this sort of stretchy-man-made fabric.


I was wondering whether to add some embroidered patterns to the burgundy panels in the skirt and also whether to make a kind of ruff round the neck. Or possibly some beadwork on the dress. What do you think, please leave some suggestions in the comments!


See you again soon,

Bea 🙂

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Vintage Indy 500

I’ve been looking at Tether Car Racing and it has got me thinking about building a model of an Indy 500 car.

I’m thinking about something around the 1950’s era. Although I like the tether cars I’m thinking that my car may be radio controlled.


Just been looking around at tyres and they look difficult to buy. Will do some more digging and add a note here.

Engines: the initial idea was to use an authentic tether car type engine, but must admit that I want to run this as a radio control car and display it, so based on this electric would be cleaner. However, there is still an urge to use a single cylinder 2-stroke to get the look.

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Back to the 1970’s

Hello everyone,

you might have seen the new macrami bracelet runthrough on, if not here it is Macrame Bracelets

I decided to take it one step further and here is a macrami pot holder i made, you know just like the one from the 1970’s. I decided to just (with the help of my friend) make one for a small, cactus sized pot but it turned out great and looks uber stylish hanging in my greenhouse.

It is the same macrami I used in the bracelet tutorial intersperesed with knots.

It is made from just basic string – which I would recommend because you need so much of it!


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Windmill Flower

A simple flower made from pine with a bolt through the middle. The bolt rotates in a brass tube that is fixed to a pine upright.

Windmill Flower


The petals were cut from a piece of 45mm x 45mm pine with a bandsaw. I simply cut thin curved pieces of wood, then stacked them up, drew a petal shape on the top piece and again cut this out using the bandsaw.

The petals were sanded and where they were going to fit to the flower they were all sanded at a slight angle. The petals were all arranged around a 12mm thick circular piece of pine and glued in place and then sandwiched with another disc of pine on top that had been sanded into a dome shape. A 6mm coach bolt was placed through the centre.

I found a piece of brass tube that fitted the bolt perfectly and would allow it to rotate. The upright “stem” was drilled to take the brass tube and the tube was glued into the stem with superglue.

The leaves were cut from pine in much the same way as the petals. All in this took me around 2 hours to make.

The angle on the petals turns the flower into a windmill that will rotate in a wind – just a little touch.

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Shiny Fabric Flowers


This is a craft I literally ‘stumbled upon’ the other day.

This is the website for it:

What the idea is that you can hold the fabric above a tealight and it will curl up into a petal shape. I couldn’t believe it and the images looked so pretty that I gave it a go myself.

I must admit that at first I made the mistake of using real silk. When I did so it started to smoke. I then re-read the instructions (thats never really been my bag) and realised I was meant to use what they describe as synthetic silky fabric.

This worked wonders and I saw the effects imediatley.

This is my finished product.


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