“Man Cave”

Well, this is the new name for a shed. “Man Cave” is the response I got when starting to discuss the idea of a new workshop for me, not actually a shed as what I’m thinking of is far more substantial and above all more insulated and secure.

I’m thinking of leaving my current workshop where it is and building a workshop further down the garden where the current garden shed stands. OK the garden shed is a very small 6×4 feet made of matchstick affair. The workshop will be much bigger. Needs to be bigger than 11×8 feet, prefarably around 14×10 but that may be pushing the boundary.

I think my first task is to look at the planning regulations and understand what the limits are, then I can plan a workshop with confidence.

The downside is my current workshop, sorry “Man Cave”, is dry and easy to keep warm. The alternative is to build a bigger shed and move some of the junk currently in my Man Cave into the shed. Quite a lot of space is currently used to store wood and moving this all out would result in a much better working area.