Cylinder Liner – Piston Materials

The basic options are:

  • Cast iron liner – cast iron piston
  • Cast iron liner – steel piston
  • Cast iron liner – aluminium piston with cast iron rings
  • Phosphor Bronze liner – steel piston
  • Steel liners
  • Steel liner – steel piston
    • – A steel piston is fitted with clearance at TDC and will always have an oil film, and a better and extended life–without the “run-in, peak, and run-out” cycle exhibited by a CI piston.
  • Steel liner – aluminium piston
  • Steel liner – aluminium piston with cast iron rings
    • – In summary, not a combination for the absolute, raw beginner, but not that difficult either. Best suited to larger engines–say with a bore 5/8″ and upwards.
  • Steel liner – Cast iron piston
    • – This combination gives the first time constructor the highest possibility of producing a runable engine that will have a reasonable working life.

I’ve added a page to listing the different materials and showing some examples: Pistons and Liners