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Muji Cardboard Biplane

L'Avion Fabriquer

“Recylced Card Press Out Airplane” – A simple title for a cardboard model of a biplane from Muji.

This was a Christmas present and what a joy. It comes as a flat pack of high quality but recycled cardboard.

Then it is just a case of pressing out the pieces and matching the numbers and fitting them together. It does take some time and concentration to assemble as some of the numbers get obscured in the assembly process. So best to sit quietly with a mug of tea, concentrate and keep counting….

The result is a very delightful biplane with a wingspan of around 20cm.

Muji have other models available:

Merry Christmas

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E-flite mSR

E-flite mSR helicopter

After some months of not doing any flying I got the E-flite mSR helicopter out the cupboard and switched it on.

The transmitter showed 6.0V and so plugged the helicopter battery in and we were away. This is a great indoor helicopter that is challenging enough to keep the senses on edge – well for me anyway. The only issue was the helicopter started flashing after about a minute of flight and drifted to the floor with a loss of power. Hmmm, plugged the battery in to recharge and had another go….same thing, 1 minute of flight and then low power. Oh well, have another battery, this one must be dead.

The other battery was fine, lasting around 5 minutes (although I didn’t time it). So marked the cell as ok so as to know which one to use.

One nagging problem, that cell should not have failed as it really has not seen more than around 40 charges and I’ careful to let them cool before placing them back on charge after a flight. So, I plugged it back in the charger and tried again. This time leaving it in the charger well after the charging light had gone out. This time a much longer flight, so back on charge again (after letting it cool down) and appears to be back to normal.

All I can say is if a lithium ion cell appears to die after being left for sometime, cycle it and see if it comes back to life. Be careful and follow the manufacturers directions for discharge and charge but you may, just may find some life left in it.

The original review of the E-flite mSR is on the aircraft gallery pages.

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So where are all of the slopes around the UK that you can slope soar?

Which of these slopes are the best?

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Rolling on the tow

Rolling Aerotow

Has anybody tried rolling a glider while aero towing? Would love to hear comments.

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If you’re looking to go slope soaring then best to check out the weather and in particular wind direction and strength and we found a good site for just this:

Gives you more information than the normal BBC weather page and is free and easy to use.

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Welcome to a new blog where we can share our thoughts and ideas on model making.

We want to know what’s new and interesting so please drop us a line or add a comment.

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