Re-Vamped Glass Bowl

Hello everyone,

here is a glass bowl I re-vamped today.

I keep finding  projects like this online and in craft books. They always say  to use sticky back felt or tissue paper to attach the image to the glass, BUT I used spray-mount and I feel I should tell you that it works really well.


I found this little glass bowl in a charity shop today, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a while for a piece of completley clear glass with no naff paterns or textures. I gave the glass bowl a good rinse and it came out sparkling. I found the image of the flapper online. I printed it out and cut it out carefully with a scalpel/stanley knife. I drew round the image in fineliner so that it didn’t have the pizellated effect that images often have. Now for the fun bit I sprayed it with spray mount (very sticky fingers)

What I was pleased about is that it doesnt created a misty effect between the glass and the paper like I thought it might. Also it’s a really quick and easy craft.

Seeing how successfull it was next time I think I will draw my own picture to place behind the glass.

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Quilting Mania

I have never been that interested in all those little squares and hexagons in fact I thought that they looked rather dull and tedious.

However we have found a solution to all those dull fabric shapes……..

We found this fabric (the brown backing fabric) at the Ragmarket in Birmingham. They were selling it for £1 a metre and we believe the fabric was originally produced to create the barber/hunting jackets which some people are really keen on.

The fabric naturally had a criss-cross patern on it.

I sewed the metre of fabric to a metre remnant – right sides together. I turned it the right way around and stitched up the gap. I then top-stitched a hem. And looking at the brown side I stitched along every other diagnol creating a larger criss-cross pattern.

This quilt is really easy to make and with just a metre of both fabrics you can create a small quilt which is the perfect size for the bottom half of a single bed.

Only thing I would say is that the brown fabric I used was quite slippery and has a tendency to slide off the duvet.



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Large Cotton Reel Pot

A cotton reel pot made from Purple Heart for the main body with Cherry top and bottom.

Cotton Reel made from purple heart and cherryThe overall height is 73mm and the maximum diameter is 63mm. The main body was made by first constructing a hexagonal cross-section with 10mm thick planks of Purple Heart that was machined with a 30° angle on each mating edge. I glued this all together using Titebond Original I fitted 6mm think MDF end plugs to hold the cylinder together whilst I turned the outer and inner surfaces in the lathe. With the top removed you can see the individual planks used to make the cylinder. I machined the outer surface first and then I bored the inner surface. However, the cylinder wall started to look fragile and so I decided to not remove any more material and so you can still see the grooves where the planks meet.

The nick in the bottom for the thread to locate is rather over emphasised, but have to come clean and admit that I had a rather scary moment whilst boring the centre of the cylinder when the whole thing spun out of the chuck. This damaged the edge and rather than make another I thought I could lose this by cutting the nick in it to locate the thread.

As yet the Purple Heart has not changed to the deep purple colouring as this takes a few days to mature. The labels were made by Beatrice using Powerpoint and I think the hole through the centre roughly stabbed through adds to the effect.

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As a Christmas present I got some water dissolvable fabric for hand and machine embroidery. So that very afternoon I sat down and had a go and now I am addicted I haven’t stopped making cotton flowers!

The flowers are made by using a free arm to stitch (running stitch)back and forth across a picture or design. I created them on our Bernina Activa 240. Then you cut out the flowers and dissolve the fabric in water!!!

This craft has quick results and you can do it easily on a wooden frame, used upside down.

A disadvantage is that this craft sucks up cotton like its going out of fashion. I have started using cheap reels of cotton from the rag market in Birmingham where they cost about a quarter of the price. I wouldn’t recommend using really expensive cotton because its not worth it.

Next I am going to try and make some butterfly’s or maybe zoo animals, such as giraffes, penguins or elephants.

And knowing my obsession  maybe I should make some of them into badges/brooches?



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Review Janome Sewist 525S

When we bought the Janome Sewist we already owned a computerised Bernina. As well as the price being much less, the Janome Sewist is much simpler to use and in many ways better.


We bought the Bernina about 5 years ago for about £600  (we have since been told to replace it would the more current version would cost over £1000.)  After about 4 years of regular but not constant use it started to have trouble with the tension puckering on stretch or fine fabrics and refusing to sew or tangling on many layers of fabric or very thick fabrics. We sent it in for a service and it is now working as well as when we first bought it, however we decided to look for a second machine in case it should fail again.


After much online searching we found the Janome sewist 525S which was said to deal well with heavier fabrics. We got the Janome Sewist for about £220 a third of what we paid for he Bernina. The Janome Sewist lives up to expectations and sews all fabrics easily and without a struggle. It is very simple to use with instructive diagrams (on how to thread the machine and bobbin) actually printed on the plastic casing of the machine. Although it has less stitches it still has all the main stitches anyone would need for basic sewing. The Janome is a good working machine which can cope with heavy, fine and stretch fabrics.


The Janome isn’t as sophisticated or as aesthetically pleasing as the Bernina. For example the Janome has a crudely made  and awkward compartment for the bobbins and accessories. Also on the Janome the threading of a new bobbin can prove to be difficult because you have to thread the cotton through a small hole in the top of the bobbin, then hold the thread at exactly the right tension whilst the machine winds the cotton on. This would not be practical for someone regularly winding bobbins such as for someone doing machine embroidery. Unlike the Bernina there is no function to use for intricate embroidery stitches, you cannot set the machine to half speed or tell it to leave the needle in the fabric.


Despite the lack of these features I think the Janome Sewist is a great machine and in comparison it easily stands up to the Bernina, however when in full working condition the Bernina might just have the edge on it. When you consider the price, well I know which one I would choose.



The Janome Sewist 525S is available at:


Sewing Machine Sales


Frank Nutt:

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Gingerbread House

Hi everyone reading this. This I suppose is less craft and more cooking!

This is the gingerbread house I made. It is made from my special gingerbread recipe and then iced so that it looks like the gingerbread houses and sweet treats you can buy at German Christmas fairs. Icing the house is quite hard especially because I added some powdered egg whites to the icing so that it set hard because normal white icing never goes completely solid.

I made some mess when decorating it with the icing, such as on one wall I tried to draw a planter filled with flowers. But it just ended up as a great big blob of icing, oops.

I hope it acheives the effect I was aiming for that was that it would look like a cold,wintery snow scene.

The wierdest thing is the people are giant sized in comparison to the house.

I think next time I should probably practice the icing first!



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BANANA Bracelet

This is a Banana Bracelet I made from Fimo (oven bake clay) each banana has two holes in it so when wearing they stick out from the wrist. The bananas are interspersed with little gold beads.

These bananas I made with yellow and brown Fimo. However you could make them look like the famous Andy Wharhol banana by using yellow and black Fimo and finer streaks of black.

You could also make it so that the bananas were ‘laying’ on your wrist instead of sticking out.

This bracelet would make a fantastic Christmas present- especially for a banana fan.


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Christmas Bunting

Hi, I’m back again……

Here is some CHRISTMAS bunting I made the other day (I think CHRISTMAS deserves capital letters). It is a chain of 5 christmas trees. I found the red triangular cards amongst my craft supplies. I cut out a CHRISTMAS tree outline from one face of the red card triangle. I sandwiched a sheet of homemade marbled paper between the layers of card. I think the bunting looks unusual, classy and original.

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My first Craft Post

Hi this is Beas craft blog for glue-it. I will be adding regular updates on craft activities and ideas. At the moment I’m really into collecting vintage badges and brooches and making them myself. This is a photo of one of my favourites……….

This is one I made myself. It has a half cross-stitch lime green main colour and then it is surrounded by gold thread. I think the colours really set each other off.

This is another brooch I made. This one is meant to look like a anime style bunny rabbit. It is made of brown wool with an embroidered face. It has a small pink bow tie and 2 absolutely tiny tassels. They were a nightmare to make……..


I’m thinking of making my next brooch in a steampunk style. Maybe a silhouette or a series of cogs.

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