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Pitts Special S1

Curtis Pitts designed and built the Pitts Special for aerobatics. This 1945 design is still loved and flown in aerobatic competitions the World over. Curtis H. Pitts began the design of the Pitts Special in 1942 in Jacksonville, Florida. The first Pitts Special aircraft, powered by a 90 hp Franklin engine, flew in 1944. For the following 25 years, the Pitts Special was constructed as a homebuilt only. During this period, the design was continually refined to improve aerobatic performance. By 1962, the standard engine had been increased to 180 hp, and in 1966 a symmetrical airfoil was added to make inverted flight characteristics similar to normal upright flight characteristics.
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First flew with a 55 hp hycoming 0-145. Later flew with a 90 hp Flanklin. One of the most famous Pitts S1 was built by Curtis Pitts for Betty skelton called the Little Stinker. Early Pitts and most homebuilts where nicknamed Flatwings due to their flat bottom wings and only had ailerons on bottom wing. These were later called S1c and S1Ds. Early factory built S1S had semi symmetrical airfoil and a beefed up fuselage to take 180 hp Lycoming. Early ailerons were friese type which on later models gave way to symmetrical type which later had balanced tab type.

First flown: 1945

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