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Aircraft listed by manufacturer and then model.

Akaflieg Munchen

Mu 13 [52 photos]


7 [5 photos]

Carden Baynes

Auxilliary Scud 2 [23 photos]

Auxilliary Scud 3 [3 photos]


Weihe [26 photos]


AV361 [4 photos]


205 Club Libelle [8 photos]

303 Mosquito [5 photos]


G103 Twin Astir [2 photos]


Mistral C [5 photos]


E78 Silene [6 photos]

Let Blanik

L13 [14 photos]


LF 107 Lunak [38 photos]
Perhaps one of the most exciting sailplanes ever produced. Capable of flying at 250mph, or with flaps deployed at less than 45mph for climbing in thermals. Originally it was used to train MiG pilots. Sadly very few survive today due to an order from the Czechoslovakian airworthiness authority ordering all 200 Lunaks to be destroyed in 1952 after one broke up doing aerobatics.


Fox [49 photos]
Fully aerobatic unlimited glider.


B4 [77 photos]


LS8 [16 photos]


Discus T [37 photos]
High performance motor powered glider. Carbon-fibre kevlar shell with central steel tube frame and triple taper wing. The wing is a Glass Reinforced Plastic foam sandwich construction.

Janus [1 photos]


ASK 13 [8 photos]
Built from metal, wood and glassfibre some 750 have been produced to date. It is a development of the Ka 2 and Ka 7.

ASK 18 [32 photos]
Single seat Club Class sailplane based on the design of the Ka 6E and Ka 8.

ASK 21 [65 photos]

ASW 20 [3 photos]

ASW 28 18E [40 photos]

Ka 6E [6 photos]
This has to be one of the most popular Standard Class sailplanes. It is a development of the Ka 6CR and Ka 10.


Kranich 2 [25 photos]

Rhönsperber [51 photos]
The Rhönsperber was developed from the Rhönbussard, with a greater wingspan and better visibility it was designed to take advantage of thermals. In 1936 Heini Dittmar flew a Rhönsperber over the Alps to Italy, a first for a sailplane. In 1937 a Rhönsperber set a new height record of 5760m flown by Paul Steinig.


Kirby Gull 1 [15 photos]
The Gull 1 was the first glider ever to fly across the English Channel to France. It started from the London Gliding Club with a winch launch and landed near Boulogne in April 1939.

T21 [34 photos]

T59D [6 photos]


Bocian 1E [35 photos]
The first flight was made in 1952, several alterations followed and in 1966 the Bocian 1E first flew. In between there were several marks. By the end of 1976 a total of 593 Bocians had been built.

Three Axis

Hang Glider [2 photos]


166 [7 photos]


24 [10 photos]

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