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Dewoitine started producing high wing monoplanes in 1922. The first model, the D1 was used by the French Air Force and sold abroad. However, as a result of lack of orders from the French Air Force they moved the factory to Switzerland where the D27 was designed and built. 65 of the 85 D27's that were ever made went into service with the Swiss Air Force. In 1929 Dewoitine moved back to France and the all metal construction of the D500, retractable undercarriage and supercharged engine was one of the first of a new generation of fighters. As a result the D27 became obsolete.

Dewoitine D27
An aluminium stressed skin fuselage, wings and tail are an aluminium structure with fabric covering. In November 1931 a D27 broke the World speed record over 1000km at 286km/hr (177mph).

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