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Bell 206 Jetranger
Probably the most successful commercial helicopter ever.

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Bell 47G
The most prolific of all helicopters and in production for more than 40 years. The distinctive canopy and space frame tail boom make it easily recognised even at a distance.

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Bell P63A Kingcobra
Single engined single seat fighter bomber developed from the P-39. Used on a lend/lease basis by the USSR and by the USAF as an advanced trainer. Engine mounted midway along the fuselage with the exhaust stubs just below and to the rear of the cockpit.

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Bell X1
The first aircraft in the world to break the sound barrier was the Bell X1. On the 14 October 1947 it reached 670mph at 42000feet (Mach 1.015). The X1 was launched by a Boeing B29 at 30000 feet, once released the rocket motor on the X1 was fired and it would begin it's ascent.

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